John and Steph’s Long Table

This behind the sofa table was commissioned as a solution transitioning the entryway along the back of the sofa into the livin

Toggle Switch Lamp

The toggle Switch Lamps are the product of an ongoing process playing with light, balance and how nostalgic objects and textur

The Spoke Easy Hauler

The Spoke Easy is located within a mile of the urban center of Charlotte. Surrounded by a tight population density, for many c

Eric’s Bike

Eric lives in west Asheville, with pavement and a mixed urbanscape to the East. Bent Creek and The Pisgah National Forest expa

Kevin’s Bike

Kevin is a dedicated, all year, all weather commuter so we began his bike with a commuter forward approach. An ‘a’ to ‘b

Scott’s Bike

Scott approached me looking for a good all around commuter with a priority of clean lines and simple beauty. He had the idea o

Zac’s Bike

I built this bike in preparation for my month long trip to the Dominican Republic. I knew we would be riding quite a bit of pa

Crown Town Compost Trailers

  Built for Crown Town Compost  to haul compost by bike, These trailers are designed to haul eight five gallon buckets

Sliding Door Handles

This series of door handles are fashioned from rail clamps discarded into the woods near defunct tracks, welded to a solid ste

North Carolina Swing Co. Hangers

Built for The North Carolina Swing Company we developed a system to hold the hanging rope away from the swing arm and allow it

Two Part Table

The Two Part Table was done in collaboration with Cluck Design. We used a matching set of vintage file cabinets with a surroun

Rail Road Coffee Table

The Rail Road table is built from wood discarded from rail construction. It began as an exercise in connectivity. The salvaged

Glass Case

The glass case was commissioned by the Spoke Easy to serve as a display for small items and create a barrier between shop work

Simple Door End Tables

Using salvaged hollow core doors and lightweight fillet brazed frame legs I wanted these simple end tables to have a light t.v

Kate’s Mirror

Kate’s Mirror is made from a solid frame and sun silvered pallet wood. Each panel was free cut with the edge hand painte

One Month on a Bike in The Dominican Republic

The central idea surrounding my bicycle’s purpose was in preparation for this trip. Five friends left to tour the deepes

Faster Mustache’s Back Yard Experience Trophies ’14

These trophies were made for a mountain bikes race on urban Charlotte trails. Heinous thrift store lamps were paired with shad